ESSA is an architecture and design studio directed by Arnau Sallés Duran, architect and teacher, with a consolidated track record with more than 10 years of experience and with passion and a journey ahead to continue growing.

Developing Concepts

Team work


It has the support of professional collaborators specialized in different areas to develop the architectural, management and construction process.



  • Architecture
  • Structure calculation
  • Calculation of facilities
  • Technical architect
  • Photography
  • Promotion

Arnau Sallés

Senior Architect

Ildefons Valls

Technical Architect

Pep Sallés

Interior designer

Pere Sobré

Structure calculation


Arnau Viaplana

Calculation of facilities

AVC Enginyeria

Salva Boada

Architect and Technical Architect

Francesc Xairó i Associats, S.L.P.

Albert Bestard


AB Paisatgistes

BIS Estructures

Structure Calculation

EvoWall Technology

Industrialized Construction

Vasos Comunicants

Construction Company

Andrés Flajszer